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40 years in the making

So after a slight gap of 40 plus years 3 members of the original Soft Phenomena plus Jeremy Hornigold the guitarist from the previous band Larry and Stan were in got together at a party to play a few songs for friends (including the forth member of Soft Phenomena John Nobbs. Also there was our roadie Barry Givens and manager Glynis! it was a little rough around the edges as we only had time for three practice sessions before the night. The songs were Secret Agent Man


Londons Calling

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Amos Moses

Teenage Kicks Lets hope its not another 40 years till the next gig or the name of our first band will certainly reflect the visual state of the band...Skeleton!

From Left to Right - Larry, John B, Stan and John Nobbs

From Left to Right (back row) Jeremy, Larry, John B, Stan, John Nobbs (front row) Barry and Glynis

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