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Stan's Big Birthday Bash

Saturday May 13th 2023 and Soft Phenomena in its original 1978 line-up played at the drummer Stan's, birthday party. With some intermittent practice over the previous few months we managed to put together a set of just over 1 hour (almost not too flaky!) The 'crowd'? Ok audience, was full of many familiar faces. From our previous band , guitarist (and photographer for the night) Jeremy Hornigold, Soft Phemonema's part time guitarist John Nobbs, ex manager Glyn Day and roadie Barry Givens plus a host of old friends who gave us a warm welcome. The stage and lighting Stan put together was brilliant. Songs included a couple of ones we had performed live 'back in the day' like Wishing Well and Paint it Black but mostly it was new (to us) but relatively oldie songs. The most modern being our version of Song No 2 by Blur. Old rockers never die , but we may have sounded on our way out! Check it out and see what you think.

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